How To Plan A Stag Do

How To Plan And Organize a Stag Do!
Here is the FAQ and Riga Stag Party Weekend will give you a tips, on: How to organize a perfect stag do and what mistakes to avoid planning the “last day of freedom for a groom’s night”.
Our party experts will help you with this hard task and give some awesome advises, how to not fail that important task, you’ve being chosen for.

What is a stag do?
Also known as a ‘bachelor party’, ‘bull’s party’ or ‘buck’s party/night’.
It is a time when the groom-to-be had a night out, weekend away, with his friends the night before he gets married.  A night of drinking and debauchery before he loses his ‘freedom’. Stag Do may involve dressing up in weird costumes, drinking, clubbing, stripper(s), pranks and playing games. 

When should you have a stag do?
The stag should be 2 to 6 weeks before the wedding date and according to the various stag experiences – is the best time to do.

Who should organize a stag do?

Who traditionally goes on a stag do?
Arranging the guest list for your stag can be an awkward task. You may want to invite couple of work colleagues or there may be guys in your Facebook account you chat a lot, but don’t really consider as a good friends to be. The best solution is to invite the close mates to the main event and then have a more casual night in the pub for everyone else.

How to plan a Stag Do?
– Pick the date
Date and for how long will be the stag weekend is important thing to plan. Most of the stag do is coming on Friday and Saturday, but probably you can stay for a longer holiday.
– Choose the destination
You might be the best party organizer but, remember, this is not your day. It’s your mate’s. This is for him. Does the groom already have a UK city destination in mind or always wanted to visit Baltic states for a stag?

– Decide on the budget
Don’t worry about establishing a budget.  Most people would expect to pay between £200-£300 inclusive of everything for the weekend. Just be sensible and remember, that you are planning NOT your own stag do.
– Invite all the guests
Ask the Groom to produce a list of people he would like to come. In addition to the list of names, ask the Groom for each person’s email address and mobile number.
– Keep everyone updated with plans
Once a plan is created, it should be shared with all mates. Make sure you have everyone”s contact details so that you can get in touch. The best way to keep everyone updated – is create Facebook/Whats App group. You can always make these pages for members eyes only: what goes on tour stays on tour, and all that.
– Check the details of small things
Transport – how do you get into the hotel after arrival and do you need a return transfer,
Food – Cater for vegetarians, allergy for peanuts or cheese.
Free time – Do you want a fill the day with activities or you might have more time by your own.
– Decide the right activities you should do
You might like go karting and fishing but your friend might not. He thought about naked ladies and clubs. Think of yourself as a travel consultant and the groom as your client. If someone was paying you organize their holiday what would you do? Right! Ask groom, what he expect on his stag do, and how he imagine that. You’d find out where he wanted to go, what he wanted to do. You’d draw up a list of options and run them past him. You get the picture.

– Find a right stag company to do the hard work for you (read here)
When you did a destination choice and all basic work is done…
When you did a destination choice and this destination is Riga. You did choice for all daytime and night time activities you want to do. You will need to pick up the right company for the rest of organization. This can be a difficult task, as the Internet has a lot of stag companies that promise you an unforgettable vacation, the best guides, excellent dancers and the very cheap prices. Some of the companies located abroad, don’t know, what kind of service is actually providing for clients. They just sell the package or activity for the high price. Than means, that, for the event organization is better to choose the local stag do company. OK. Excellent. You find couple of local companies, but, there is still hard to decide, which one will be doing an organization.

Do you remember two proverbs?
– Miser pays twice
– Not everything is gold, what is shining.

In one side, you will be thinking about saving some money and in the other side you can find the company with very expensive offers, promising the “best best” service in Riga.
Do not be lazy and talk to representatives of various companies, listen to their suggestions, ask questions, that you interested in: since often, it is precisely the time that is not asked, can cause misunderstanding in the future, and in consequence, create an incorrect situation.
When you have passed this step, try to evaluate the following four factors. Personally for me – this is a very important factors in choosing the right company, and that’s the way I would make MY choice.

Here is some important factors choosing a stag company.
1) – How friendly, correct and natural you are answered, or the firm simply unsubscribes, as if this is an automatic letter and you are another thousandth client for them.
– What you promised to give for your money and how the offer looks, how much it corresponds to reality. (you can be promised 1000 pleasures for three pennies.) Agree – this is strange and suspicious). Choose, the firm whose proposal seems to you the most realistic and understandable.
– Try to understand whether the firm is trying to impose any additional spending on you, offering a bunch of options, or this is an offer that you might have missed and it could be a perfect addition to your weekend. If – you have crept in doubt, and you do not need it, politely refuse. A good firm will not impose it to you again and again. Marketing is good, but everything should be in moderation.
– Is the company honest and sincere in relation to you. The stag company should work for you! And, people in company should know all about what they sell, and even, if you asked a tricky question, they will always be able to answer it in the near future.

I will not tell you that our company is the best and we can offer you something that others can not. It’s up to you and only you can decide a quality of service. But, we will try to justify your hopes and make you satisfied.
Step by step, we push the boundaries and overcome the difficulties on the way to the best that we can give you.
We believe: That the word “difficulty” should not exist for the creative mind.
• Johann W. Goethe


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