July 2, 2015

Riga Stag Party Weekend Company

All celebrations should always bring maximum positive emotions and leave an unforgettable plum of enjoyable memories. But would you be able to have fun after long, exhausting event planning? Of course you would not! The independent organization and planning of a hen/stag party weekend is quite a difficult task that requires real commitment and high creativity, especially when you are going other country . Moreover, not everyone has sufficient spare time for the organizational tasks, and inspiring ideas tend to run dry at some point. Therefore, in order to make the most of your weekend, it’s better to use professional help.
Professional event planners & organizers always have fresh ideas and a well-established network of partners.

We are a local team of professionals who ensures creative and comprehensive approach to the planning of any event. We are not new to the planning of celebrations, which is why we always know what our clients want. Our managers are highly trained specialists, who will gladly help you organize an event of any scale according to exclusively designed script, including the idea, selection of entertaining competitions, event venue, toastmaster, themed performances and everything that you will need. Same time, we can do a special scenarios for your day or bring your worthy ideas into reality. Have ideas and need help, we will ready to organize them.

We will offer you dozens of ideas for stag do, hen party and other events.

Our special service is the organization of any kind of events for everyone and we got plenty of special party ideas. We will help you to organize events related to extreme sports, limousine and party bus transfers directly from the Riga airport. You will feel the taste of Latvian nightlife and enjoy going to the nightclub, we organize VIP drinking party events, SPA rituals, lazy day leisure’s and fabulous dance shows provided by the best dancers in Riga . We are certain that any kind of active recreation is always more fun than simply going to a bar and have a drink with your maids. You can try anything you were hesitant to try before. Our company will make your event an incredible and memorable adventure!  

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